fiber Art and Digital imagery and illustration

Energy of the Depths. Digital print by Dee Rapposelli w/ photo credit to  Laura Skutch Photography

Your Magical Child


  • Have you always want to be a mermaid or a character from fairy tale or myth?  
  • Are you deeply spiritual, holding in your mind's eye a divine ideal to aspire to?  
  •  Are you  or a loved one going through a major life change--such as a pregnancy or mastectomy--and want an empowering documentation of it?  
  • Do your have a child whose adorable youth you want to capture before time swiftly passes?        
  • ​Are you looking for the perfect keepsake gift?

 ​Get inspired. Let me reimage you or a loved one into the imp, mermaid, deity, or spiritual ideal that you are through fantasy portraits using photography .  A powerful contemplative focus and ideal gift and keepsake. 


 Here’s samples from my fairy series  complete with fairy lore.